6 Oct


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard people from all around the globe talking about British singing sensation Adele. Relatively new to the music scene, the 22-year-old this year smashed Madonna’s record for the longest consecutive weeks spent at the top of the chart for a female artist.

So how has Adele managed to captivate the world? There’s no denying this confident diva can carry a tune, and she wears her heart on her sleeve which allows her fans to connect with her on a personal level.

For this particular 50’s inspired, yet timeless hair do, let Scunci Hair Accessories do all the work. Start by blow drying your hair with a round brush for plenty of volume. Once your hair is completely dry, take your Scunci Grooming Tooth Comb and part your hair on the side, pulling it into a secure low pony tail with Scunci’s Evolution Elastics. Grab your Scunci Grooming Tooth Comb again and use it to tease your ponytail l- be sure to use plenty of hairspray. Once your ponytail has been teased, gather it into a thick bun and secure it with a matching coloured hair net and Scunci’s Bobby Pins. Finally, give your do another light spritz of hairspray for a sleek finish.

The Scunci Team – Leah



6 Oct


Sunday evening saw many celebrities such as Leah Michele and Clare Danes grace the red carpet at the Emmy awards. In our opinion, the look of Nina Dobrev was pretty hard to beat. The star of Vampire Diaries mesmerised onlookers with her divine Donna Karan fishtail scarlet gown and glittering accessories. However, we think her elegant flowing locks deserves the Scunci look of the week!

To get this simple and sophisticated look like Nina, start by washing and blow drying your hair. Whilst drying, flick the ends under to create loose waves. You can redefine the waves afterwards using your hair iron or curling tongs. Then split your hair into a deep side parting using the Scunci Grooming Tail Comb.

To get the slick asymmetrical look Nina has; tuck your hair behind your ear and discreetly secure the hair with a couple of Scunci Mini Pins. These pins are available in a selection of colours, the closer to your hair, the more discreet they will be. For extra effect and volume, tease the roots of your hair with Scunci Grooming Lift and Style Comb. After teasing your hair simply sweep your hair round to the opposite shoulder, spritz some hair spray for extra hold and you’re ready to make jaws drop!

The Scunci Team – Leah


6 Oct


After producing the match of her life against worldwide champion Serena Williams, Samantha Stosur has become Australia’s first female singles grand slam champion in just over 31 years and the winner of the U.S Open Tennis Tournament.

Although the intense match lasted for a mere hour and 13 minutes, Samantha gave it her all, throwing herself across the court, with the championship trophy clearly in her sight (and by clearly, we mean clearly). Samantha didn’t need to waste time or lose focus by adjusting any hairs in her face, and it was undoubtedly the result of some sturdy and reliable hair accessories.

If you’re constantly having to re-adjust or fix your hair whenever you work out, then never fear, Scunci’s No Slip Grip Hair Accessories are here! To help your focus and really make your training sessions count, grab Scuncis 4pc of No Slip Grip Headwraps, and Scuncis 14pc of Evolution Elastics– you can even get them in pastel or bright colours to match your gym gear!

The Scunci Team – Leah


6 Sep



 It seems that celebrities are normal too, Jessica Alba was snapped strolling around LA last week enjoying a cool drink in the last of the summer sun.  Jessica was glowing after recently giving birth to daughter Haven Garner. Jessica always looks stunning; she is favouring a laid back look in this busy time for her ever growing family.

 Jessica has swept her locks up into a simple bun to beat the summer heat and look chic at the same time. This hair style is perfect for hot Aussie summers and replicating it is simple with Scunci! This hair style can be created with squeaky clean hair or a day old do. If you hair is clean, spritz in some sea salt spray to give your hair a workable texture. Simply pull hair onto the top of the head twisting sections of hair and keeping the bun relaxed rather than sleek.

 Secure with a Scunci Evolution Elastic to keep your bun in place all day long. Spritz some high shine spray to keep the look fresh and summery.

 The Scunci Team – Hannah


30 Aug


The MTV VMA’s were a big hit and the gorgeous Selena Gomez hosted the pre-show black carpet event.  Selena commented “I am very excited to be a part of the 2011 VMA’s. After all of my years watching the VMA’s, the pre-show has always been one of my favourite parts. It is a true honour to be hosting from the black carpet this year.”

The 19 year old has certainly grown up; wowing crowds dressed in a stunning black gown by Julien MacDonald. And she didn’t disappoint in the hair department either; Selena is rocking a pulled back hair do which highlights her amazing cheek bones and flawless skin!

Want to achieve this look? Think it’s all too complicated? Scunci is here to help with their innovative product the Scunci Upzing Black which is the PERFECT accessory for achieving Selena’s red carpet look in a matter of minutes! First, start by washing your hair and towel drying. Apply some mousse to the roots and blow dry ensuring you get as much volume as possible! Next pull your hair back into a low bun, twisting small pieces of hair in as you go. Finally, secure with the Scunci Upzing Black and spritz some high shine hair spray to keep this glam look in place!

The Scunci Team – Hannah

Step into Spring with Scunci!

23 Aug

Spring is on its way and we’re already enjoying the clean, fresh air that it brings! Spring sees the return of all our favourite events we’ve missed so dearly throughout the cold winter months.  With inspiration from your favourite celebrities and Scunci by your side, you’ll be sure to look fabulous throughout spring!   

A Fun Springtime BBQ

You won’t have a care in the world while sporting this casual look inspired by hair icon Jennifer Aniston. A cute ponytail never gets in your way while you grill some seafood and play some soccer at your springtime BBQ. To get Jen’s look, simply sweep your hair back into a ponytail and secure with Scunci’s Evolution Elastics RRP $8.95. Be sure to leave out some shorter pieces in the front to keep your style looking soft and feminine.


The Spring Races

While Kate Middleton might be a princess, we like to call her the Queen of Fascinators. Experience Kate’s elegance and beauty by flaunting a beautiful fascinator to the races. Once you’ve picked out your headpiece, secure with Scunci’s No Slip Grip Bobby Pins RRP $8.95. Cheer on your favourite horse while your fascinator stays perfectly placed.   

Weekend Brunch in the Sun

Blake Lively’s soft waves have quickly become iconic and we can’t think of a better style to flaunt at a mid-morning brunch. Look and feel effortless by letting your hair down.  To get the look, spritz dry hair with volumizing spray, then wrap sections of hair around each Scunci Grooming Velcro Roller RRP $22.95. Secure the rollers to your head using pins and blow dry on high heat for 5 minutes. Remove the rollers and give your hair a shake! Ta-da! You are officially effortlessly chic.

A Night on the Town!

Kim Kardashian knows what’s hot, which is why she’s often sporting a slick ballerina bun. You can dance the night away without a hair out of place with this sexy and simple look. Just comb all the tangles out of semi-wet hair with Scunci’s Grooming Tail Comb RRP $4.95. Slick your hair back into a ponytail then secure into a clean bun. Finish with hairspray to ensure your look lasts throughout the night.

A Fun and Flirty Bike Ride!

 Zoe Saldana rocked our world in Avatar and now she’s our muse when it comes to mess-proof hair. It’s always a challenge to look stylish while riding a bike, but have no fear!  This wispy side braid is the perfect prevention for helmet hair. Just divide your locks into 3 even sections and braid to one side. If pieces fall out as you go, don’t worry- it’s all part of the look! Secure with a hair elastic. Once you get off your bike, check your braid with Scunci’s Grooming Compact Mirror RRP $4.95


15 Aug


There’s no denying that Olivia Wilde is so hot right now! Only having been professionally acting for less than 10 years, Olivia has quickly (and successfully) climbed the Hollywood ladder of celebrities finest.

Miss Wilde first got our attention a few years ago when she played a sizzling blonde on the popular teen show The O.C, and she now stops our hearts every week on the quirky television hit show House.

As well as being ranked No.1 in Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100, Olivia is now a regular on the movie red carpets, where only this weekend she attended the premiere of her new blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens- and boy oh boy didn’t she look smokin’!

Next time you’re going to have a night out on the town, why not let Scunci help you to create this wilde look? After washing and blow drying your hair, start by sectioning your hair with the Scunci Grooming Tail Comb. After you’ve done this, apply some of Scunci’s Grooming Velcro Rollers to all sections of hairuse the larger rollers for the bottom to create more volume, and use the smaller rollers for the sections close to the crown of your head. After letting your hair set for about half an hour, take the rollers out, give a light spritz of hairspray, and run your fingers through your subtle tresses.

Using your fingers again, brush your hair back and twist it into a messy bun- remember this look in more natural and isn’t about looking polished. Secure the bun with Scunci’s Brown Bobby Pins and finish off with another light spritz of hairspray- you’re now red carpet ready!


The Scunci Team – Hannah
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