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15 Dec


Lea Michele stole the show last week and apparently newly single Ashton Kutcher’s heart at the premiere for their new movie New Year’s Eve.  

After getting rather cozy with Mr Kutcher, the normally scandal free Lea has hit the front pages of many tabloid magazines, which have claimed that the Glee singer and actress is the very reason for Demi and Ashton’s split. 

As usual, Lea looked absolutely radiant on the red carpet, with her gorgeously chic locks adding some modernity to her old Hollywood style Valentino gown.

You too can achieve this irresistible look thanks to Scunci and their incredible hair accessories.

Here’s how; after a quick blow dry, run some curl enhancing foam through your hair to maximise volume and ensure that your curls stay intact.  Then roll Scunci’s Self-Grip Rollers 6pack from the bottom of each section of hair, all the way to the top of your crown. Once all sections are done, lightly spritz the bits of hair which are exposed with hairspray, and then leave the rollers in for a few hours to let the hair set.

Once you’re happy with the definition of your loose tresses, you can take the rollers out and run your fingers through each curl to create more volume. For a longer lasting effect, clip the bottom of each curl to the top of your head with Scunci’s No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins while you finish getting ready. Right before you’re about to head out, un-clip your curls and finish off with another light spritz of hairspray.

You can snap up the Scunci Self-Grip Rollers 6pack for $14.95 and Scunci’s No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins for just $8.95 at Big W, Priceline and selected pharmacies and salons.



5 Dec


Love was in the air last night for Natalie Bassingthwaighte as she walked down the aisle and said “I Do” to her long-time partner, Rogue Trader’s band member Cameron McGlinchey.

Opting for a sophisticated up do that swept to the side, Nat looked absolutely radiant, although come to think of it, when doesn’t she? Now thanks to Scunci and their fabulous hair accessories, you too can achieve this elegant look that’s perfect for the upcoming festive and party season.

Start by parting your hair to the side and sectioning off the front bit. Grab your front section of your hair and start to twist as you join it with the remaining sections of hair into a side pony tail- be sure to use Scunci’s invisible Grooming 52p No Damage Polybands when you do this. Once you’ve tied your pony tail, twist it into a round side bun and secure it using Scunci’s Grooming 90p Bobby Pins. Finally, give a light spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to party the night away!

The Scunci Team- Steph


5 Dec

With summer right on our doorstep and Christmas just around the corner, it can only mean one thing: It’s almost time to celebrate and bring in the New Year! With 2011 quickly drawing to a close, we bet you’ve already started to plan where you’ll be and what you’ll be wearing when the clock strikes midnight, but hands up who’s actually thought of how to do their hair? Yep, that’s what we thought!

As you all may probably know, a few Hollywood starlets are set to hit the big screen at the end of the year in the much anticipated rom-com New Year’s Eve, including Lea Michele, Hilary Swank, and Jessica Biel. To celebrate, we here at Scunci have put together three quick looks inspired by these leading ladies. Why not try them for your very own New Year’s Eve celebrations?


To get Lea’s elegantly simple do start by straightening your hair. Next, whip your hair into a high ponytail and then grab your Scunci Grooming Tail Comb and start to tease. Quickly gather your now messy ponytail into a bun, secure with pins and finish off with a light spritz of hairspray.


Scunci Grooming Tail Comb

RRP: $4.95


Hilary’s swanky hairstyle is so easy to achieve thanks to Scunci’s Grooming 20p of Velcro Rollers. All you have to do is pop them in the night before to allow them to set, then take them out right before you’re about to leave. Once the rollers are out, run your fingers through your curls- this will add more volume and create a more soft and natural look. See, easy peasy!

Scunci Grooming 20p Velcro Rollers

RRP: $22.95



This one’s for those of you with short hair- yes, we didn’t forget about you! Jessica understands that accessories have the power to perfect and make a look. Simply add Scunci’s No Slip Grip Split-Band with Cushion Tips and you’ll automatically transform your look to an updated cute and fresh up-do!

Scunci No Slip Grip Split-Band with Cushion Tips

RRP: $8.95



5 Dec


Sunday night was the 2011 ARIA Music Awards and just like any other awards ceremony, people from all around the country tuned in to not only celebrate some of Australia’s    most successful in the music biz, but to also to see Aussie music fashionistas.  

 The effortless goddess, Delta Goodrem added a bit of sauce to her innocent eyes with a loose wavy curl that covered her bare shoulders. To achieve this look, Scunci recommends three simple steps! 

After a quick wash, blow-dry your hair right up until it’s almost dry and then start to section off your hair by inserting Scunci’s Grooming 20 Pack of Velcro Rollers. Grab your hair dryer and finish off drying your hair while it’s still sectioned and the rollers are still intact. After leaving them in for 20 minutes, take out the rollers and give a light spritz of hairspray- voila!


The Scunci Grooming 20 Pack of Velcro Rollers are just $22.95 and can be found at Target, Big W, Priceline or purchased online. Alternatively, you can call 1800 242 848 for a full stockists list.

The Scunci Team- Steph


Workin’ it out with Scunci

20 Oct

So spring has finally arrived after the cold and drizzly weather and no doubt you’re keen to come out of hibernation and start to play in the sun. The warmer weather means that it’s finally time to put away that sloppy joe and swap it for a cute dress, pair of shorts and wait for it… your bikini- EEK! Now’s the perfect time to work it out and get into tip-top shape, but instead of doing the usual gym routine, why not give these fun activities a try? You’ll be feeling confident in no time!


There’s no denying Cameron Diaz looks superb for her age and her love for hanging ten has no doubt helped her to achieve this. Great for your core and toning your arms, surfing is a fun way to exercise outdoors, however it can definitely leave you with some serious knotty hair. Avoid this by packing your Scunci Grooming Detangling Comb in your beach bag (RRP $8.95), and you’ll be able to not only feel, but look like a pro!


This old time classic may sound like a boring pick, but before you grab your runners call a friend the next time you decide to go for a jog. Good friends Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway like to hit the pavement together because it’s a fantastic way to catch up and it also helps motivation. Most people like to keep their hair off their face when they jog, and thanks to Scunci’s Stretch Crochet Head Wrap (RRP $6.95) you can do the same, but in style with bold colours to match the bright weather.


After something that doesn’t necessarily feel like exercise? Then get to the dance floor ASAP! Perfect for an entire body workout, dancing is a great and fun way to exercise. Natalie Portman trained in ballet for her movie Black Swan, but there’s also jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and tap – you could even have a night out on the town bustin’ some moves to your favourite tunes, it all really depends on what you prefer. No matter what your style, be sure that your hair is pulled back and pinned securely with Scunci’s No Slip Grip Bobby Pins (RRP $8.95).


If it’s your arms you want to tone, why not try your hand at rowing; the sport made famous by Royal Kate Middleton! You can join a rowing club, or better yet make a day out of it with your girlfriends on the lake. It can get a little windy on the water, so be sure to tie your hair up with Scunci’s Evolution Elastics (RRP $8.95) to avoid any knots. Happy sailing!

The Scunci Team- Leah


14 Oct

Elle Macpherson and Jade Thompson

‘The Body’, more formally known as Elle Macpherson, has recently been causing a stylish storm on the other side of the globe. Elle’s role as judge on Britain’s Next Top Model has been a hit with viewers and has discovered the gorgeous Jade Thomson, who recently won the show.

Elle and new protégée Jade both looking spectacular in black at the recent Pride of Britain Awards. However, we thought it was their hair that was top of the style stakes at the lavish ceremony.

Recreate Elle’s effortlessly exquisite look by blow-drying your hair upside down to encourage volume. Next, grab your Scunci Grooming 20p of Velcro Rollers and set them in your hair to promote those glossy Macpherson waves. Once the rollers are removed, give your new lustrous hair a shake and you’re ready to strut your stuff like a supermodel!

For Jade’s chic and sophisticated up do, brush your hair into a high pony tail using a fine bristled brush for a smooth finish. Secure the ponytail with a Scunci Knit Pony Wrap which holds hair without damaging it. Then, grab a strand of hair, wrap around the base of the pony and secure with some of Scunci’s Bobby Pins. Finish with a light mist of hairspray and you’re set to dazzle!The Scunci Team – Leah


6 Oct

Nicky Whelan

Stunning Australian model turned actress Nicky Whelan has split with Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba. The couple ended their relationship on amicable terms, with DJ Ashba breaking the news to his fans on Twitter.

A former Neighbours star, Nicky has appeared in several episodes of hospital comedy Scrubs and you might also recognise her from  her role opposite Owen Wilson in this year’s hit rom-com Hall Pass. Our newly single Aussie starlet is certainly making a name for herself in Hollywood, and has a fabulous hair style to match!

Recreate Nicky’s red carpet, effortless look the easy way using three essential Scunci products. Firstly, blow-dry your locks upside down to encourage extra volume. Next, grab your Scunci Grooming 20p of Velcro Rollers and set them in your hair starting from the front of your hairline- for this look, it’s best to use the larger size rollers, as they will help to achieve greater lift.

Once dried, lightly spritz underneath your locks to help hold the volume you’ve created. Use the Scunci Grooming Lift and Style Comb to tease the hair into position at the back of the head. Secure your look with Scunci’s Bobby Pins and finish with a final mist of hairspray for additional hold.

The Scunci Team – Leah

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