15 Dec


Lea Michele stole the show last week and apparently newly single Ashton Kutcher’s heart at the premiere for their new movie New Year’s Eve.  

After getting rather cozy with Mr Kutcher, the normally scandal free Lea has hit the front pages of many tabloid magazines, which have claimed that the Glee singer and actress is the very reason for Demi and Ashton’s split. 

As usual, Lea looked absolutely radiant on the red carpet, with her gorgeously chic locks adding some modernity to her old Hollywood style Valentino gown.

You too can achieve this irresistible look thanks to Scunci and their incredible hair accessories.

Here’s how; after a quick blow dry, run some curl enhancing foam through your hair to maximise volume and ensure that your curls stay intact.  Then roll Scunci’s Self-Grip Rollers 6pack from the bottom of each section of hair, all the way to the top of your crown. Once all sections are done, lightly spritz the bits of hair which are exposed with hairspray, and then leave the rollers in for a few hours to let the hair set.

Once you’re happy with the definition of your loose tresses, you can take the rollers out and run your fingers through each curl to create more volume. For a longer lasting effect, clip the bottom of each curl to the top of your head with Scunci’s No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins while you finish getting ready. Right before you’re about to head out, un-clip your curls and finish off with another light spritz of hairspray.

You can snap up the Scunci Self-Grip Rollers 6pack for $14.95 and Scunci’s No Slip Grip Split Bobby Pins for just $8.95 at Big W, Priceline and selected pharmacies and salons.


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