5 Dec


Sunday night was the 2011 ARIA Music Awards and just like any other awards ceremony, people from all around the country tuned in to not only celebrate some of Australia’s    most successful in the music biz, but to also to see Aussie music fashionistas.  

 The effortless goddess, Delta Goodrem added a bit of sauce to her innocent eyes with a loose wavy curl that covered her bare shoulders. To achieve this look, Scunci recommends three simple steps! 

After a quick wash, blow-dry your hair right up until it’s almost dry and then start to section off your hair by inserting Scunci’s Grooming 20 Pack of Velcro Rollers. Grab your hair dryer and finish off drying your hair while it’s still sectioned and the rollers are still intact. After leaving them in for 20 minutes, take out the rollers and give a light spritz of hairspray- voila!


The Scunci Grooming 20 Pack of Velcro Rollers are just $22.95 and can be found at Target, Big W, Priceline or purchased online. Alternatively, you can call 1800 242 848 for a full stockists list.

The Scunci Team- Steph



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