Workin’ it out with Scunci

20 Oct

So spring has finally arrived after the cold and drizzly weather and no doubt you’re keen to come out of hibernation and start to play in the sun. The warmer weather means that it’s finally time to put away that sloppy joe and swap it for a cute dress, pair of shorts and wait for it… your bikini- EEK! Now’s the perfect time to work it out and get into tip-top shape, but instead of doing the usual gym routine, why not give these fun activities a try? You’ll be feeling confident in no time!


There’s no denying Cameron Diaz looks superb for her age and her love for hanging ten has no doubt helped her to achieve this. Great for your core and toning your arms, surfing is a fun way to exercise outdoors, however it can definitely leave you with some serious knotty hair. Avoid this by packing your Scunci Grooming Detangling Comb in your beach bag (RRP $8.95), and you’ll be able to not only feel, but look like a pro!


This old time classic may sound like a boring pick, but before you grab your runners call a friend the next time you decide to go for a jog. Good friends Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway like to hit the pavement together because it’s a fantastic way to catch up and it also helps motivation. Most people like to keep their hair off their face when they jog, and thanks to Scunci’s Stretch Crochet Head Wrap (RRP $6.95) you can do the same, but in style with bold colours to match the bright weather.


After something that doesn’t necessarily feel like exercise? Then get to the dance floor ASAP! Perfect for an entire body workout, dancing is a great and fun way to exercise. Natalie Portman trained in ballet for her movie Black Swan, but there’s also jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and tap – you could even have a night out on the town bustin’ some moves to your favourite tunes, it all really depends on what you prefer. No matter what your style, be sure that your hair is pulled back and pinned securely with Scunci’s No Slip Grip Bobby Pins (RRP $8.95).


If it’s your arms you want to tone, why not try your hand at rowing; the sport made famous by Royal Kate Middleton! You can join a rowing club, or better yet make a day out of it with your girlfriends on the lake. It can get a little windy on the water, so be sure to tie your hair up with Scunci’s Evolution Elastics (RRP $8.95) to avoid any knots. Happy sailing!

The Scunci Team- Leah


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