14 Oct

Elle Macpherson and Jade Thompson

‘The Body’, more formally known as Elle Macpherson, has recently been causing a stylish storm on the other side of the globe. Elle’s role as judge on Britain’s Next Top Model has been a hit with viewers and has discovered the gorgeous Jade Thomson, who recently won the show.

Elle and new protégée Jade both looking spectacular in black at the recent Pride of Britain Awards. However, we thought it was their hair that was top of the style stakes at the lavish ceremony.

Recreate Elle’s effortlessly exquisite look by blow-drying your hair upside down to encourage volume. Next, grab your Scunci Grooming 20p of Velcro Rollers and set them in your hair to promote those glossy Macpherson waves. Once the rollers are removed, give your new lustrous hair a shake and you’re ready to strut your stuff like a supermodel!

For Jade’s chic and sophisticated up do, brush your hair into a high pony tail using a fine bristled brush for a smooth finish. Secure the ponytail with a Scunci Knit Pony Wrap which holds hair without damaging it. Then, grab a strand of hair, wrap around the base of the pony and secure with some of Scunci’s Bobby Pins. Finish with a light mist of hairspray and you’re set to dazzle!The Scunci Team – Leah


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