6 Oct


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard people from all around the globe talking about British singing sensation Adele. Relatively new to the music scene, the 22-year-old this year smashed Madonna’s record for the longest consecutive weeks spent at the top of the chart for a female artist.

So how has Adele managed to captivate the world? There’s no denying this confident diva can carry a tune, and she wears her heart on her sleeve which allows her fans to connect with her on a personal level.

For this particular 50’s inspired, yet timeless hair do, let Scunci Hair Accessories do all the work. Start by blow drying your hair with a round brush for plenty of volume. Once your hair is completely dry, take your Scunci Grooming Tooth Comb and part your hair on the side, pulling it into a secure low pony tail with Scunci’s Evolution Elastics. Grab your Scunci Grooming Tooth Comb again and use it to tease your ponytail l- be sure to use plenty of hairspray. Once your ponytail has been teased, gather it into a thick bun and secure it with a matching coloured hair net and Scunci’s Bobby Pins. Finally, give your do another light spritz of hairspray for a sleek finish.

The Scunci Team – Leah


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