6 Oct


Sunday evening saw many celebrities such as Leah Michele and Clare Danes grace the red carpet at the Emmy awards. In our opinion, the look of Nina Dobrev was pretty hard to beat. The star of Vampire Diaries mesmerised onlookers with her divine Donna Karan fishtail scarlet gown and glittering accessories. However, we think her elegant flowing locks deserves the Scunci look of the week!

To get this simple and sophisticated look like Nina, start by washing and blow drying your hair. Whilst drying, flick the ends under to create loose waves. You can redefine the waves afterwards using your hair iron or curling tongs. Then split your hair into a deep side parting using the Scunci Grooming Tail Comb.

To get the slick asymmetrical look Nina has; tuck your hair behind your ear and discreetly secure the hair with a couple of Scunci Mini Pins. These pins are available in a selection of colours, the closer to your hair, the more discreet they will be. For extra effect and volume, tease the roots of your hair with Scunci Grooming Lift and Style Comb. After teasing your hair simply sweep your hair round to the opposite shoulder, spritz some hair spray for extra hold and you’re ready to make jaws drop!

The Scunci Team – Leah


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