6 Oct

Nicky Whelan

Stunning Australian model turned actress Nicky Whelan has split with Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba. The couple ended their relationship on amicable terms, with DJ Ashba breaking the news to his fans on Twitter.

A former Neighbours star, Nicky has appeared in several episodes of hospital comedy Scrubs and you might also recognise her from  her role opposite Owen Wilson in this year’s hit rom-com Hall Pass. Our newly single Aussie starlet is certainly making a name for herself in Hollywood, and has a fabulous hair style to match!

Recreate Nicky’s red carpet, effortless look the easy way using three essential Scunci products. Firstly, blow-dry your locks upside down to encourage extra volume. Next, grab your Scunci Grooming 20p of Velcro Rollers and set them in your hair starting from the front of your hairline- for this look, it’s best to use the larger size rollers, as they will help to achieve greater lift.

Once dried, lightly spritz underneath your locks to help hold the volume you’ve created. Use the Scunci Grooming Lift and Style Comb to tease the hair into position at the back of the head. Secure your look with Scunci’s Bobby Pins and finish with a final mist of hairspray for additional hold.

The Scunci Team – Leah


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