6 Oct


After producing the match of her life against worldwide champion Serena Williams, Samantha Stosur has become Australia’s first female singles grand slam champion in just over 31 years and the winner of the U.S Open Tennis Tournament.

Although the intense match lasted for a mere hour and 13 minutes, Samantha gave it her all, throwing herself across the court, with the championship trophy clearly in her sight (and by clearly, we mean clearly). Samantha didn’t need to waste time or lose focus by adjusting any hairs in her face, and it was undoubtedly the result of some sturdy and reliable hair accessories.

If you’re constantly having to re-adjust or fix your hair whenever you work out, then never fear, Scunci’s No Slip Grip Hair Accessories are here! To help your focus and really make your training sessions count, grab Scuncis 4pc of No Slip Grip Headwraps, and Scuncis 14pc of Evolution Elastics– you can even get them in pastel or bright colours to match your gym gear!

The Scunci Team – Leah


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