Step into Spring with Scunci!

23 Aug

Spring is on its way and we’re already enjoying the clean, fresh air that it brings! Spring sees the return of all our favourite events we’ve missed so dearly throughout the cold winter months.  With inspiration from your favourite celebrities and Scunci by your side, you’ll be sure to look fabulous throughout spring!   

A Fun Springtime BBQ

You won’t have a care in the world while sporting this casual look inspired by hair icon Jennifer Aniston. A cute ponytail never gets in your way while you grill some seafood and play some soccer at your springtime BBQ. To get Jen’s look, simply sweep your hair back into a ponytail and secure with Scunci’s Evolution Elastics RRP $8.95. Be sure to leave out some shorter pieces in the front to keep your style looking soft and feminine.


The Spring Races

While Kate Middleton might be a princess, we like to call her the Queen of Fascinators. Experience Kate’s elegance and beauty by flaunting a beautiful fascinator to the races. Once you’ve picked out your headpiece, secure with Scunci’s No Slip Grip Bobby Pins RRP $8.95. Cheer on your favourite horse while your fascinator stays perfectly placed.   

Weekend Brunch in the Sun

Blake Lively’s soft waves have quickly become iconic and we can’t think of a better style to flaunt at a mid-morning brunch. Look and feel effortless by letting your hair down.  To get the look, spritz dry hair with volumizing spray, then wrap sections of hair around each Scunci Grooming Velcro Roller RRP $22.95. Secure the rollers to your head using pins and blow dry on high heat for 5 minutes. Remove the rollers and give your hair a shake! Ta-da! You are officially effortlessly chic.

A Night on the Town!

Kim Kardashian knows what’s hot, which is why she’s often sporting a slick ballerina bun. You can dance the night away without a hair out of place with this sexy and simple look. Just comb all the tangles out of semi-wet hair with Scunci’s Grooming Tail Comb RRP $4.95. Slick your hair back into a ponytail then secure into a clean bun. Finish with hairspray to ensure your look lasts throughout the night.

A Fun and Flirty Bike Ride!

 Zoe Saldana rocked our world in Avatar and now she’s our muse when it comes to mess-proof hair. It’s always a challenge to look stylish while riding a bike, but have no fear!  This wispy side braid is the perfect prevention for helmet hair. Just divide your locks into 3 even sections and braid to one side. If pieces fall out as you go, don’t worry- it’s all part of the look! Secure with a hair elastic. Once you get off your bike, check your braid with Scunci’s Grooming Compact Mirror RRP $4.95


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