26 Jul


Some of Australia’s most beautiful celebrities graced the 9th Annual Astra Awards red carpet last week, however someone we found it hard to take our eyes off was the always classically chic and elegant Tara Moss.

Tara may have a knack for conjuring up some pretty twisted crime novels, but one thing’s for sure; she most certainly hasn’t committed any “bad hair day crimes” with this smouldering temptress look.

You too can take on Tara’s femme fatale inspired do with the help of the Scunci hair accessory range.

Start by towel drying your hair and then applying some hair shine serum from the roots to the tips of your hair for that thick and healthy glow. Next, use Scunci Grooming Large Velcro Rollers to get some volume, and leave them in for about 20 minutes. After taking out the rollers, brush through your tresses with Scunci’s Styling Brush to add that extra bit of thickness and volume.

Give a light spritz of hairspray and voilά! You’re one sizzling siren!

The Scunci Team – Hannah

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