11 Jul


It’s finally happened! After all the talks and rumours, the highly anticipated $1 million wedding nuptials between supermodel hottie Kate Moss and rocker hubby Jamie Hince took place this weekend in front of a 300 strong star-studded guest list.

The world stopped in their tracks to catch a glimpse of what look Kate Moss had chosen for her big day. And it was purely gorgeous! With a Galliano gown matched by her blonde flowing locks, Kate makes the perfect Scunci Look of the Week!

Even if you’re not walking down the aisle any time soon, why not match Kate’s effortlessly curled ‘do’ before your next big event?

To recreate this delicate look, its best done fresh out of the shower! After towel drying your hair, make a part down the middle. Then grab your hair dryer and simply run a brush through in a curling motion to get maximum oomph and movement. Be sure to style your fringe around the sides of your face to really bring the look to life.

Use Scunci’s Girl Glitter Headband to really give your hair that elegant factor. Finish it off with a light hairspray and voila! Now you’re ready to be the envy of others all night long!

The Scunci Team – Hannah

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