Scunci’s Top Ten Ways to Show off Your Gorgeous Hair Colour!

28 Jun

  1. When it comes to colour, nothing could be better than having silky, shiny, sexy hair. Simply flat iron your hair after a blow dry, then go through it with Scunci’s Grooming Soft Bristle Hair Brush (RRP $12.95). Your hair will reflect more light, leaving you with lasting shine. Your colour will be so vibrant that it will catch everyone’s attention!

  2. Choose accessories from the Scunci range that will make your hair colour pop! But beware of clashing…

  • Blondes should stick with charcoal, black, blue, chocolate and green.

  • Brunettes should try light colours like peach, cream, camel, tan and plum.

  • Redheads look great with black, charcoal, navy, gold and green.

These Scunci Girl 3 Piece Stretchy Crochet Headbands (RRP $6.95) are a perfect example of a fun way to complement your colour.

3. When dying your hair from a box, stay close to your natural colour or else you could end up looking like a science experiment gone wrong! To top it off, use faux hair extensions by Scunci, like this 20Blonde Clip in Ponytail (RRP $25.00).

4. For a more natural and subtle look, use hair ties and bobby pins that blend with your hair colour. This will draw the focus to your style and shine, leaving your bobby pins as our little secret. Scunci’s Grooming 90 Piece Bobby Pins are available in blonde, brunette and black (RRP $6.95).

5. Turn heads by having your hair as the focus of your look. To achieve big sexy curls that make a statement, try Scunci’s Self Grip Velcro Rollers (RRP $22.95). This is a great look for any occasion… a hot date, dinner with your parents, or even grocery shopping!

6. Be bold and try a new red lipstick. This will draw attention to your gorgeous face and your beautiful hair.

7. For a hot night time look, use Scunci Girl’s Glitter Headband (RRP $5.95). Your hair will catch the sparkle even in the low lighting of a candlelight dinner.

8. Take the plunge and get bangs or a short cut! This sassy statement will draw attention to your style and colour instead of your length. Try it out… you’ll end up loving it!

9. Having sexy colour means having neat and clean hair, so always have Scunci’s Grooming Compact Mirror (RRP $7.95) in your purse to check up on your style.

10. Remember: always be confident!!! Use your favourite Scunci product, whatever it may be, to feel special all day long. When you love your look, it shows from head to toe.

…And there you have it, Scunci lovers.  Let us know if these tips helped you flaunt your hair colour!

The Scunci Team – Beau and Joy!


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