The Top Tips to Combat the In-Between Stage!

27 May

We’ve all been there. That dreaded “in-between” phase when you are morphing your image and hairstyle from short to long, streamline to shaggy, disaster to desirable. Or perhaps you’re trying to grow out your regrowth and get back to your natural colour! This month, Scunci is offering our top tips to help you get through.

1. If you’re trying to grow out a fringe and are currently at that annoying hair-in-your-eyes length, help is on its way! Scunci’s easy to use self-grip rollers will unite those in between bangs with your longer layers. For just $7.00 all you have to lose is an outdated look!

2.Maybe you’ve opted to keep the fringe but over trimmed a cm or two? Never fear! Simply pull your hair back to frame your face with this cute, Katy Perry-esque Polkadot head band. For a neat $3.95 it’s the perfect investment to solve your too-short fringe woes!

 3. If you’re trying to grow out your short Posh Spice bob and are rapidly running out of patience, never fear, Faux clip in extensions ($24.95) are here! Take advice from Rogue Traders and fake it baby. Simply clip in this stunning, already styled hairpiece onto your pony and the bob’s… no longer your uncle!

4. Are you over your punk, one side shaved one side long, Alice Dellal inspired hair style? Is it starting to look a bit uneven as it grows out? Combat your uneven hair horrors by sweeping it into a neat side pony on the side your hair is shortest, and secure any unruly fly-away’s with Scunci no-slip grip bobby pins ($8.95) and voila! Transformation complete.

5. Are you attempting to convert your once choppy and magnificent hair-do into long, single length mermaid locks? Let’s be honest ladies, not every hair style can go months without maintenance and still look amazing, but with a little disguising, those untamed layers can go unnoticed and even admired! Simply pull your hair into a high pony using Scunci’s no damage hair elastics ($7.95) and leave the home knowing your untamed mane has been successfully disguised!

6. If you are super keen for sleeping beauty’s luscious locks that you have scurried off to the nearest hair dresser for extensions, you might be struggling to hide those sharp little strands sticking out of your pony. There is only one way to fix this, thank goodness Scunci is your fairy godmother with the magical remedy! Next time you’re rocking the long princess pony look, invest $4.95 into a pony knit wrap to cover the stray ends and add volume to your hair!

7. Now let’s be honest, we have all had the light bulb idea of cutting our own hair to save a few pennies, only to see the reflection in the mirror of a horrifying D.I. why!? Instead of making the rash decision to shave off all your hair, wait! With the help of a Scunci Upzing ($12.95) you can whip your hair up into a stylish French twist or half pony and no one has to know about your rookie errors!

8. We all know balayage is very vogue at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can pull off regrowth Shakira-style. I mean come on, Carrie even had trouble mastering it. If you really have no choice but to endure life with horrible regrowth, the good news is you don’t have to wear beanies, hoodies or even a paper bag to hide it. Using Scunci’s grooming tail comb ($4.95) pull your hair into a pony leaving a square of hair free at the top. Tease it into a quiff and hair spray to hold, clipping it back using Scunci’s no slip bobby pins ($8.95). The illusion of full hair does wonders to detract from unsightly roots.

What have you done to combat that in-between stage!

The Scunci Team – Beau and Jess


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