Scunci Look of the Week

18 Apr

Justin Bieber

The boy with the famous hair!

From relative obscurity, Justin Bieber has taken the world by storm with his playful charm, amazing voice and edgy style. Justin’s famed hair is making circles as the most imitated style for teenage boys and makes him one of the most loved teenage celebrities.

From humble beginnings on YouTube, Justin Bieber has gone on to conquer millions of fans and sky-rocket to mega-stardom.

Justin’s thick and shaggy trademark do is seemingly effortless,  but getting it just right is not as easy as it looks!

 The trick is to keep hair well-conditioned and healthy. In fact, his hair is so popular that it recently auctioned at a charity fundraiser for $40, 668. More than twice as much as what Elvis’ hair sold for!

To keep his hair looking hot, Justin’s routine starts with a thorough brush over. The Scunci Grooming Vented Brush should do the trick. Then simply add a tiny amount of product to keep it together while using the larger brush to gently sweep the hair forward.

Once it’s locked into place use the smaller brush to adjust the volume and give the fringe a little height. Voila! Justin nails the look that has girls’ hearts racing.

RRP $19.95

So tell us girls… Do you have a crush on the Biebe-ster?

The Scunci Team – Beau


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