Scunci’s Top 10 Tips to Banish Bed Hair!

15 Apr

1. After a night out, remove ALL bobby pins and clips from your hair. They can be difficult to locate, so take an extra minute to make sure they are all gone before you tuck in – nobody likes waking up with a bobby pin stuck to their forehead!

2. Sleeping with elastics that have metal connections will damage your hair. While tossing and turning in bed all night, your hair tends to tangle and knot around the elastic, getting more and more damaged as you rest. If you like sleeping with your hair up, ensure you use elastics without metal connections, like the Scunci No-Damage hair elastic range.

3. Take the time to give your hair a good brush through before you rest your head down at night. This will shift the natural oils from the roots of your hair to the ends. Use Scunci Grooming Soft Bristle Hair Brush ($12.95) for a supreme, smooth silky-soft feeling.

 4. If you’re having a quiet night in, spoil yourself with a pampering session and give your hair some TLC. Start off with an invigorating scalp scrub, which will remove any dry skin that leads to dandruff. Follow with a deep conditioning leave in treatment to provide your hair with supreme nourishment.

 5. If you’d like more lively and vivid hair in the morning, try a natural salt water spray. It provides the structure and fullness needed to give great volume to your hair, without giving you that oily feeling.

6. Do you have that greasy, oily feeling in the morning when you wake up? You roll over to check the time and see that you’re running late and don’t have time to shower! Not to worry, a good dry shampoo will solve your problems! Shake and spray on the roots of your hair, working it through with your fingers – you’ll feel fresh and clean in seconds!

 7. An alternative to Dry Shampoo is baby powder, which works in the same way – absorbing the excess oil from your hair. It is not recommended to use baby powder on darker hair colours as the white powder often leaves a grey tinge to the hair. But for those with light hair, just squeeze a little powder on your roots, ‘zhoosing’ through with your fingers for final volume. Voila – you’re ready to go!

8. Have you ever woken up looking like a complete mess? Well, I think we all have… sleeping with a hair net keeps your hair from getting tangled and makes sure everything stays in the right spot all night long.

 9. For that silky, smooth feeling, leave in a serum during the night. Nourishing night oils revitalise, moisturise and rejuvenate dry, tired and damaged hair. You will definitely look great first thing in the morning after you have nourished your hair with a night oil!

10. Lastly, for that exquisite, effortless beautiful look – drink a lot of water, eat healthy food and exercise on a regular basis – these factors will help contribute to healthy, shiny hair!


We hope you enjoy our tips!

The Scunci Team – Beau and Malin


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