Scunci Look of the Week

11 Apr


Big hair with big dreams!

Snooki has come a long way in a short time, taking over the reality TV show world and teasing her way into your homes through MTV’s Jersey Shore. Known for her big hair, big voice and big personality, Snooki’s career has led her to sign a huge contract for the fourth season of the show – not too bad!

Full of height and volume, perfectly shaped hairstyles aren’t the easiest to recreate – there are several techniques you need to master to ensure you don’t end up looking like Fran from The Nanny!

Teasing is the main technique that is often done incorrectly, damaging your hair and often creating the ‘birds nest’ look. The thing to keep in mind when teasing is sectioning – using smaller sections of hair behind where you want the volume in the style.
To tease correctly and achieve big hair like Snooki, always ensure you use a thin comb with additional teeth around the base, like the Scunci Grooming Tooth Comb, RRP $6.95.

How to Tease – a quick lesson on how to do it right!

The Scunci Team – Beau


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