Scunci Look of the Week

21 Feb


With the Grammys come the glitz, the glam and the fabulously outrageous!

This year LADY GAGA may have made an entrance that was sure to leave everyone talking, but Katy Perry’s enchanting and alluring persona finds her bouncing into our minds with her beautiful style and poise.
Katy has gone for the classic, effortless drop curl that can be recreated in just a few easy steps. That’s why she is the inspiration for the Scunci Look of the Week.
Effortless beauty is not about clean, crisp lines or perfectly shaped curls, butmore abstract shapes and asymmetrical pulls.
The perfect product to help pull off this look is the Scunci Grooming 20pack Velcro Rollers, which allow you to achieve different sized curls and waves.
First, ensure your hair has had an amazing treatment or deep conditioner the night before – this will be sure to give your hair the shine that really perfects this look!
Secondly, pop the larger rollers around the top of your crown to give the volume you desire; followed by the smaller rollers around the base of your hair line to really flirt up the style.
Finally, remove all curlers and work the style with your fingers. There’s no need for a comb when creating this masterpiece. Just finish it with a little hair spray to ensure maximum hold and you’re done!
These babies can be found in Target, or you can head back to our website and purchase online!
Get creating, Scunci Lover!

The Scunci Team – Beau


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