Award Season – Oh Baby!

9 Feb

Want the look?  Get the look!

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Award season style has always proven to set the trend moving into the cooler months of the year. So with flashing camera lights and red carpet appearances, little girls, teens and women all over the world try to match these hairstyles and look just like their favourite celebs!

Luckily, the amazing team at Scunci Australia have come up with a few tips and tricks to help you achieve those luscious looks.

Tip Number One – don’t be afraid to make a bold statement. Sandra Bullock brings a fresh and edgy look back, styling the bold fringe. Bring in autumn with a chunky front or side fringe to make a courageous statement – summer may be ending but your time to reign isn’t!!!

Tip Number Two – Brunettes, it’s your time to shine!  Just watch your friends turn green with envy –all you blond haired bombshells, the Brunettes are taking over… Darker hair with vibrant colours is what you’ll see bring in Autumn months, partnering your doo with amazing opals and blues – so hot right now!

Tip Number Three – If you’re intent on holding onto summer then make friends with Mother Nature because her elements are the only things that are going to keep your hair looking luscious and flawless, just like Natalie Portman. Try sea salt sprays to achieve the beach wave look. While accessorising with a great bow headband will compliment your casual hairdo and bring about a touch of sophistication.

Tip Number Four – and the only tip you’re going to need to know, no matter your hair colour or length, using GHD’s and Blow-dryers especially constantly will damage and break your hair. Try staying natural, use any Scunci hair ties from the No-Damage range to put your hair up in a low bun or high pony tail… Don’t worry, up is upping the anti – don’t be afraid to be different!

Word to the wise though – don’t mistake the natural and effortless look with the hippy, ‘I haven’t washed my hair in days’  look – Heidi Klum, we’re looking at you!

Follow these funky tips and you’ll definitely be on par with those faultless celebrities we favour!

The Scunci Team – Beau



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