Wish 10th Party!

10 Aug

Nothing like being invited to a fab party to brighten an otherwise dull week.

A few weeks ago Mandy and I attended the WISH 10th Anniversary party, we arrived early, only to be told by some snotty man on the door to come back at 7 SHARP, which we did after a yummy cocktail at cruise bar in circular quay.  When we returned it was lights camera action for what panned out to be a fantastic evening.

Walking in the first thing I noticed was the bar, it was lined with rows of martinis the second thing I noticed was the array of models and I wondered- how many martinis can a size 0 model drink before she hits the deck? I didn’t get my answer because I left early 🙂

As the room filled, there was a plethora of beautiful woman and designer outfits but the only thing that they all seemed to have in common where the skyscraper high heels they were wearing.  Personally I’m not a fan of the gladiator stiletto but my gut tells me these babies will be here for at least another season because everyone had them on.

While observing the crowds hair styles both Mandy and I mentioned how many pony tails we saw, and not your standard “I’m running late for work pony tail” but high, slick (tricky to achieve) pony tails with hair wrapped around the base to cover the elastic.

In contrast to this slick hair style the other runway models had long flowing locks with a middle part, I love! Love! Love! this hair style but it’s hard to pull off if you have fine hair like I do (stay tuned cause I’m testing some products to combat my problem)

The hair on the runway was simple and it worked beautifully with the new summer lines of Wish clothing, the high pony tails worked in with the evening dresses and the long flowing locks complimented the relaxed warm feel of the day wear.

Case x


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