Winter Blues…

3 Jun

For goodness sakes when is it going to stop raining in Sydney??

My hair can’t take much more and I’m not alone, through the ontrend office all you can hear is whinging and whining about frizzy hair!!  (The joys of a female dominated office ha-ha)

Its day 2 of winter and I’ve had enough, the cold, the wet, the wind are all horrible – the only thing that’s good about winter is the fashion! (my) life seems dull during the colder months and it’s not just my hair that suffers in the freeze, my nails turn it crap and my skin… well let’s say I hope twilight brings PALE back in fashion.

So how’s a girl meant to survive the colder months? Well all of us here at Ontrend have tried to come up with some nifty ideas to help you avoid a dull winter look.

  • Winter can take its toll on our skin, upgrading your moisturiser to something more hydrating is a start, Mandy recommends a brand called L’occitane, this brand has a moisturiser for all skin types so if you’re in the market for a new face cream then why not give them a try and don’t forget to get something nourishing for the rest of your body.

Did you know that you should moisturise your skin within 3 minutes of getting out of the shower? Apparently this helps to retain the moisture in your skin.

  • Making sure you have a great lip balm is essential, wind burn and cracked lips hurt and looks pretty ick – my recommendation is a never fail pot of blistex however if you want something else try getting a tube of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream.. AMAZING and lasts forever (can be used all over the body not just for lips)
  • Winter hair… NIGHTMARE! First of all, all girls need a great shampoo and conditioner to match their hair type and I can’t go past Biolage – this brand is brilliant, and the range includes everything from shampoo to hair masks however it’s pricey and hairdressers love to sell it at ridiculous prices, so of you can’t splash out try PPS, they have a great range and are well priced.

Try giving your hair a treatment once a week and also remember that a warm shower is more beneficial to your locks that a hot shower (as it the heat dry’s your hair out more)

  • To help yourself from the inside out, I have a great tip that was given to me by a vegan friend of mine who is very much into health foods, her solution to hair, skin and nails is liquid Silica – and although I was sceptical at first after a month of having a spoonful in my juice every morning my nails were strong, my hair was shiny and growing like crazy and my skin was clear.  This stuff is like $30 a bottle and lasts about a month and a half per bottle – if you’re willing to drink it I would highly recommend trying it.
  • Another beauty for your nails is Dr Lewins nail strengthener, and nothing beats smothering your feet in moisturizer sticking socks on and going to bed, by morning your feet will be silky soft and ready to be tortured by fabulous heels on weekend.

Well I think that’s about all we can think of for now; I’ve included some links below on the different products mentioned.

If you have any great tips, share them with us by commenting below.


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