Welcome to the Ontrend blog!

6 May

I guess an introduction is in order as many of you know we represent Scunci in Australia, it is sold at Priceline, Target, Big W and Kmart as well as online. We also represent another American company called Allegro who make the most fabulous cosmetic bags, these are sold in the above stores excluding Kmart and are a great mother’s day idea so go check them out in stores if you get a chance!

Here at ontrend we have a great team who are all very close, Mandy Meyerowitz is the Managing Director.  Mandy started ontrend back in the early 90’s and has build her business from the ground up.  Also in the office we have Anna (aka the oracle of knowledge) in finance, Li who assists in account, Tracey who manages stock control, Yael as office coordinator, Tanni and Mi run our warehouse and myself in Marketing and Sales (but also known as Mandy’s right hand)  A female dominated office means it is never dull, lots of laughs and gossip make Ontrend a great place to work!

This  blog will be updated regularly with topics covering fashion, hair, health and beauty.  If you have anything you would like discussed email it through and we will see what we can find.

That’s it for now,
Chat soon!


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